Our SECOND RV Camping experience 

We graduated! Well, sort of…

So our semi-planned excursion was to see the meteor shower Saturday night.   To see it best you have to be out of the city light pollution.  We planned to make it brief,  so a trip to Sunset Point (North of Black Canyon City) was our destination. We grabbed the dogs and did a quick shopping run for things we wanted in the RV and hit the road! All was good and we arrived in time to see a great sunset. It was still awhile before real darkness would set in so we decided to have our dinner and a glass of champagne (nice touch).  We forgot to get real dinner food! We had some cans of soup, ramen and basics.. but no can opener or tools to use ūü§ź

So ramen and champagne it was!

All in all it was a good first real outting and it will help in future planning ūüėČ

Already looking forward to next weekend! 

Our FIRST RV Camping experience

OK -sooooooo, I always envisioned the first camping experience to be somewhere, well, remote. It was not. Not even.

So we picked up the new (to us) RV on Friday.¬† It was a long work day for both of us and it was Good Friday! I didn’t care what it took, we were going to Good Friday Service (@ Radiant Church)! And we did!¬† We joined up with our mom, Judi, and had a wonderful service!¬†¬†But to make it on time, we took the RV (and parked in the WAY back lot).¬† After service and some gabbing time, it was getting late.¬† Since selling our house and moving to an apartment while in this “transition stage” we needed an RV storage place (which closes at 9pm).¬† So by the time we were finished it was getting TOO close to 9pm! what to do!!!??!?!?!??!

We thought about the places near us.. there is a Sprouts Food and Groceries near by (and actually we have a locked gate¬†next to it) we parked in the very back parking lot of it.¬† Then ran over and grabbed our dogs to bring them over to the RV to spend the night with us. Our though was, if someone were to stop and knock on the door and ask us to move, we’d be there!¬†Well, that was the thought…

One of the dogs had a different thought… “I wanna go home!”¬† (jerk)

So Rena took him home and put him in his crate.. the other stayed with us.. in a parking lot… next to our apartment (yes, this is the same thing as putting a tent in the backyard and calling it ‘camping’)

Here’s to the next (REAL) camping experience!

Windows 10 in Azure

I came across a great post that answers a question I had;¬† “How can I run a Windows 10 VM in Azure?”.¬† Now, this isn’t a normal thing, but for me and testing things, sometimes it’s nice to have a clean workstation that is domain joined in my Azure network. This is not a cheap alternative to running it as a day-to-day used VM, but more for folks like me who want to run tests in a lab scenario. Josh Heffner’s blog post does a great job of explaining the technical ‘how-to’ of this.

How To Upload and Run a Windows 10 Enterprise VM in Azure

By | January 20, 2015

Running a workstation OS in the cloud may not be the most practical solution at this time, but it may prove useful in some test lab scenarios. While Azure does support plenty of server OS options that you can choose from a gallery and have up and running within minutes, Windows 7 and 8 images are currently only available to MSDN Subscribers. Azure does provide the capability to upload your own VHD to run on their platform, though. In this guide, we will create a Hyper-V VM with Windows 10 Enterprise Preview, prepare the VHD and upload it to Windows Azure, and connect to the Windows VM for use in the cloud. We will be using Windows 10 in this guide, but the steps are the same for Enterprise versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Read More about this at Josh’s page…

Windows 10, now on 300 million PCs, won‚Äôt be free after July 29

I know this may not be NEW news, but it is relevant to some.¬† In efforts to strengthen the Windows Operating System brand, Microsoft released Windows 10 -free of charge! This easy upgrade allowed users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to be brought up to the latest and greatest (and I mean Greatest!)¬† version of Windows to date. There is a catch, though…

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Reading Offline

I came across a great article from a reputable business who specializes in Virtual Administration. Here’s a great tip for making use of your ‘downtime’ and catching up on reading…


Fill Your Pocket With Good Information

As a small business owner, my mind is constantly on learning new tips, keeping up with technology, and finding new ways to better assist my clients. If you are like me, that means you will often find yourself with a … Continue reading →

Start-Up Company Free Resource

New Start-up Companies, here is a free resource for you! Let Microsoft help you grow your business with BizSpark


Join BizSpark for Free and gain access to:

  • 3 years free access to Azure (up to $750/mo)
  • Works with Linux, Java, PHP, etc…
  • Build Virtual Machines, Web Applications, Store Data, Create Mobile Apps


  • Your business is less than 5 years old
  • Privately held
  • and less than $1 million annual revenue

I encourage all new small businesses looking to gain an edge in the technology portion of their business to look over this offering and take advantage of this fantastic offer!

To learn more about BizSpark and how it can help you.. please visit them directly, Don’t just take my word for it ūüėČ

AADConnect’s new Features -Auto Upgrade

A colleague of mine posted a great article on the new features of Azure Active Directory Connect (AADConnect) that raises some caution flags -things to be aware of when installing this new version.¬† Please take a moment to review the items Mr. Crowley addresses as they may be helpful on your next AADConnect¬†deployment… Continue reading