Go RVing!

We did it! After months of thinking about it and tossing the idea around, we joined the clan of RVers 🙂

So join us in this journey of transforming our day-to-day lives to that of full-time RVers!

What does that mean? well, in a nut-shell, we’re at a position in our lives to take on a new adventure -traveling around this great country of ours.

From the life of suburbanites in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area we’ll be working towards becoming familiar with our rig, with preparing it (and ourselves) to be fully self-sufficient, learning the “in’s and out’s” of living in this beast of a vehicle and navigating the country in a way that makes the most of our travels without hindering my ability to work as an IT Consultant and her business as a Virtual Admin.

Since this is a big change, it deserves a site of it’s own!  Join us in:  HowWeRV.life