What I love most about consulting

This is why I love working with this guy! Well put!

Kyle Green

I could write a list of 50 things that I love about Microsoft consulting, but there’s one scenario that plays itself out on the occasional project that instantly recharges my motivational batteries. Working with State and Local Government comes with its own challenges and misconceptions, some true and some over exaggerated. One of those being the notion that resources are segregated and its hard to get things done quickly… One could view those large organizations as a challenge to work with, and it can be, but it should also be viewed as a privilege because you’re very likely to work with individuals who are extremely proficient in their craft.

But going back to that “hard to get things done quickly” thing… I find that these organizations have various reasons for the lengthy project timelines. Things like change control, risk management, security audits, resource allocation, and buy-in from many different parties on…

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