Office 365 “Backout Plan”

A co-worker shared a blog with me in dealing with back-out plans for Office 365 deployments.  It was very informative and gave good/sound advise.  Though I’m a firm believer and supporter of Microsoft’s Office 365 infrastructure and dependability, I’m also a ‘seasoned’ IT Engineer who knows that the putting all your eggs in one basket approach could have consequences.

If this thought has crossed your mind or if you’re just curious, I encourage you to read the article posted on Apr 7, 2015 by in Tony Redmond’s Exchange Unwashed Blog


What’s your back-out plan if an Office 365 deployment is unsuccessful?

The history of IT contains many failed projects. All manner of excuses and explanations are offered as to why failure came about. Poor technology, poor planning, bad execution, bugs, or just bad luck. For whatever reasons, we know that every IT project has some potential for failure. The question is what to do if failure should occur – or what’s your back-out plan? Few experienced CIOs would plunge into a major project without knowing what their Plan B is – so what is it if an Office 365 deployment goes bad?

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