How much does Azure Cost?

In working with numerous deployments, from entry to Azure to full datacenter migrations to Azure, there are some fantastic tools to help with getting a baseline to the question, “How much will Azure cost me?”

These are probably commonly known, but if you stumble upon this and this is the first you’re hearing about it, then you’re in luck!

Microsoft Azure: Pricing Calculator

The first tool is more for getting a pretty good quote based on services you select (and yes, there is a scenario wizard to help, if you’re not sure). The Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator will help define your needs for consumption in Azure and break it down to an anticipated monthly bill.

Microsoft Azure TCO Calculator

The second tool is the Azure Total Cost of Ownership Calculator. This will help you quickly compare the TCO of your on-premises infrastructure with a comparable Azure deployment and gives estimated savings you can realize by moving to Azure.


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