There is something to be said about being “remote”

I wouldn’t say we’re roughing it.. We have all the creature comforts but we also are totally enjoying the seemingly remoteness of our “camp”

What more could you want?


Back in Arizona!

February – TBD, 2018

Back in Arizona! another 2,500 miles to get back but we made it!

We managed to find a nice little spread of land out in the desert just south of Wickenburg, AZ. Hook-ups and all and quiet as can be.  AND – as occasionally needed for work, only an hour from the airport 😉

With a busy summer already planned, we’ll be sticking around for awhile.. so stay tuned for new travels as they come…


Arizona to Florida Keys

December-February, 2018

OK, so after some time living full time in the RV, Rena and I got this down 😉

A thought, “how about taking the 3 oldest grandkids with us to go visit our son in FL?” -Heck Yeah!

With Christmas break, we were able to take our 3 oldest GKs cross country:  AZ -> NM -> TX -> LA-> MS->AL->FL (2,500 miles), down to the southernmost tip of Florida. Highway 1, mile marker 0.


Getting into the RV Swing

September-December, 2017


  • House Sold -check
  • Year lease in Apartment to prepare for RV Living -check
  • Find ‘first’ site -check

Parker, AZ

So, after searching for an ideal site to kick this off fully, we found a spot in Parker.  Parker is just 30 minutes south of Lake Havasu, AZ (where the London Bridge was moved to back in the 60’s).  Our spot was right next to the Colorado River. The other side of the river was San Bernardino County, CA. In our time there, we met some Great People (who happened to be our neighbors in the park).  Brian and Deb quickly became good friends and introduced us to other fine folks within the park (shout out to you, Bob!).


Lake Time!

August-September, 2017

OK, one of the things I wanted to do with the RV was get next to a lake and do a little ‘camping’.  Since returning from MT back to AZ, the logical choice was Lake Pleasant (NW Phoenix).


So with my new pump-up raft stowed and ready for use, I managed to find a great spot in Two-Cow Cove -my own peninsula! Normally, this section is under water but since it the lake water level was low, I took advantage of this.  So, in hind sight, one thing I realized was “there are some places a Class-A RV is NOT meant to go”.  No wonder I was the only large vehicle down there! With some fine driving skills, I managed to navigate to the peninsula and get setup. (Getting OUT was a whole other ordeal, LOL).  I learned another lesson too, Tie Up Your Raft (when it’s breezy)! I’d like to give a shout-out to the great couple that gave me a boat ride to go get my ‘boat’ that’d blown into the lake 😉

Maiden Voyage! (AZ to MT)

OK, at this point much has happened and have been doing some traveling. OK, a LOT of traveling; about 11,000 miles so far, but let’s not get a head of things…

June-August, 2017

Off to see family and friends in northeast Montana. This was a solo trip with just me and my K-9 buddy, Jordy.

I was able to get a nice spot at the local Fair Grounds with 50-amp service and water and a great rate! After getting setup, I learned I NEEDED to make an immediate purchase -A GOOD mattress. After some online shopping and a short delivery time, I was in business with comfortable sleeping.



Our SECOND RV Camping experience 

We graduated! Well, sort of…

So our semi-planned excursion was to see the meteor shower Saturday night.   To see it best you have to be out of the city light pollution.  We planned to make it brief,  so a trip to Sunset Point (North of Black Canyon City) was our destination. We grabbed the dogs and did a quick shopping run for things we wanted in the RV and hit the road! All was good and we arrived in time to see a great sunset. It was still awhile before real darkness would set in so we decided to have our dinner and a glass of champagne (nice touch).  We forgot to get real dinner food! We had some cans of soup, ramen and basics.. but no can opener or tools to use 🤐

So ramen and champagne it was!

All in all it was a good first real outting and it will help in future planning 😉

Already looking forward to next weekend!