Lake Time!

August-September, 2017

OK, one of the things I wanted to do with the RV was get next to a lake and do a little ‘camping’.  Since returning from MT back to AZ, the logical choice was Lake Pleasant (NW Phoenix).


So with my new pump-up raft stowed and ready for use, I managed to find a great spot in Two-Cow Cove -my own peninsula! Normally, this section is under water but since it the lake water level was low, I took advantage of this.  So, in hind sight, one thing I realized was “there are some places a Class-A RV is NOT meant to go”.  No wonder I was the only large vehicle down there! With some fine driving skills, I managed to navigate to the peninsula and get setup. (Getting OUT was a whole other ordeal, LOL).  I learned another lesson too, Tie Up Your Raft (when it’s breezy)! I’d like to give a shout-out to the great couple that gave me a boat ride to go get my ‘boat’ that’d blown into the lake 😉

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