Our FIRST RV Camping experience

OK -sooooooo, I always envisioned the first camping experience to be somewhere, well, remote. It was not. Not even.

So we picked up the new (to us) RV on Friday.  It was a long work day for both of us and it was Good Friday! I didn’t care what it took, we were going to Good Friday Service (@ Radiant Church)! And we did!  We joined up with our mom, Judi, and had a wonderful service!  But to make it on time, we took the RV (and parked in the WAY back lot).  After service and some gabbing time, it was getting late.  Since selling our house and moving to an apartment while in this “transition stage” we needed an RV storage place (which closes at 9pm).  So by the time we were finished it was getting TOO close to 9pm! what to do!!!??!?!?!??!

We thought about the places near us.. there is a Sprouts Food and Groceries near by (and actually we have a locked gate next to it) we parked in the very back parking lot of it.  Then ran over and grabbed our dogs to bring them over to the RV to spend the night with us. Our though was, if someone were to stop and knock on the door and ask us to move, we’d be there! Well, that was the thought…

One of the dogs had a different thought… “I wanna go home!”  (jerk)

So Rena took him home and put him in his crate.. the other stayed with us.. in a parking lot… next to our apartment (yes, this is the same thing as putting a tent in the backyard and calling it ‘camping’)

Here’s to the next (REAL) camping experience!

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